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health care support 

You hear a lot about how to prepare for a doctor’s visit: Make a list of medications you’re taking.

Write down your questions. Complete any paperwork ahead of time, if you can. Now here’s one more thing to consider: Bring your health advocate with you.

BHG offers one-on-one personal advocate services to patients battling heath care issues, questions and concerns. Personalized case management is the foundation of what we do for our clients. 

All services provided are personalized to individually meet the needs of clients that are facing a chronic, life-threatening or debilitating diagnosis, and the caregivers and providers that are working on behalf of a patient.  

We work hard at facilitating communication between medical professionals and patients;

We guide patients through simple and complex health care challenges;

We help inform and empower with resources, knowledge and information;

We work for you!


A nurse advocate is a nurse who works on behalf of patients to maintain quality of care and protect patients' rights. They intervene as needed when there is a care concern by following the proper channels and working to resolve any patient care issues. 

We are dedicated to empowering families, by helping you to navigate the healthcare system through

one-on-one patient advocacy and education. 

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advocacy principles

1. Everything starts with understanding YOU. Your situation, needs and what matters to you, so we can best advocate for you!

2. Your health information will be CLARIFIED, VERIFIED, and SIMPLIFIED so that you will feel in control of your health and your situation. 

3. I will be the BRIDGE between you and your health care team/system.

I will guide you and facilitate the process in a way that benefits you the most. 

how our services 
can help you?

We engage as your advocate as well as advocating on behalf of families.

While you navigate your illness, we navigate the system. Your family can embrace you as a family member. While you and your family are managing your illness, we manage the details of your care. You no longer have to worry about physicians talking to each other, medication changes, transitioning to home or rehab.

Your doctor will be updated and informed so your care will continue after discharge. We work with and for you!

We Provide: 

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“Back in 2014 I had my first

of many cervical spine surgeries. Geraldine came and helped me when I couldn't speak for myself, she explained to me everything that was unclear to me made sure I had all the supplies, like a shower chair, and a bed rail because I was a fall risk.  I needed her more than I knew. I have her on speed dial for my health help."


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“Our role as a nurse/patient advocate is one of the most important qualities that sets the professional nurse apart from

a task-oriented technician. It requires extra time and effort, often under circumstances where time is in short supply, but every patient (even the most difficult one!) is worthy of that extra help. As an nurse, I find it to be a blessing that someone will intervene 

on behalf of the patients.”


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 By His Grace made it a little easier to be sick, sometimes the worst thing about being sick is not understanding what's wrong with you.  Geraldine treated me as if I was her own family and took the time to make sure everything was on a level that I could understand.”